page two of werewolf and pookas

meeting a Pooka


 After a few minutes I start to feel a little better now. So I get up and shake myself off. Wolfs shake dry the same way dogs do. It’s amazing how much water flies off as I shake dry. Once I'm done I instantly feel much better after I shake dry. 



I look around. And that’s when I see it. The thing that gave me the blanket in the first places. It’s trying to hide in the bushes but I can see it. 


It was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. and belive me iv seen some strang things. 


So far, in my life things keep getting weirder. 











Pluses I had just fallen off a cliff and almost drowned do I was still pretty exhausted. Which is why I didn't just run away. 




He reacted out slowly with one hand... or paw .. or claw?.. i dont know what you would call it but i closed by eyes.




It looked kind of like a little monkey but it had a cats faces. 


Only with big bushy eyebrows and bigger ears, And large pink eyes. When I say pink I don’t mean the creepy pink the way a white rat has bright pink eyes. This was a light pink.


 As it came closer I could also tell it was shy, as it was moving very slowly tords me as if it was afraid I might get up and run away.  

















He reacted out slowly with one hand. I flinched a little because I wasn’t sure what he was going to do.  Should I growl , or threating him. But I was still so week. What if I. Maid a big show and instead of getting scard off this thing got mean a vishes.... Like the thing in my dream. 


Can I pet you?

What????? That threw me off guard . 








Then after the thing was done he did something I didn't see coming

He hugged me.  Now things had gone from weird to super weird. And uncompterable. It's not that I don't like hugs its just a prefer hugs from people I trust ( kee word people) . Being huged my this thing was like being hugged by a strang Harry mailman. You might like and respectd your mailman but you don't want to hung him. Does that make scences? I never was good with ...... 



I can't believe it. Said the thing. 


Neither can I. i thought.  


I finally have my own dog.

Uhh actually I'm not a dog. I corrected him.


When I said that I didn't excepted a reaction.  In wolf form only other werewolves can understand me. Anyone els just hears barking or growling. So when the purple thing jumped up and screamed. I realized he must of understood me. Which meant he must of had some sort of shifter powers to. 



 You can talk. He said. 


Uh yeah. I said not sure what ells to Saiy in this kind of situastion. 





He looked at me for a long time then he said.

Ohhhhhh . And turned around.


I should have know your another Pooka just like me. He said sadly 

Another  what? 

What did he Say?another Pookia, was that a kind of music no one liked. 


I should have know ill never catch a dog. I guess my mom is right.



Oh man I'm really starting to feel bad here. And I had nothing to feel bad about, I had just fallen off a cliff and almost drowned in a lack then almost frozen to death. But I could never lesion to someone anyone or anything in this case cry without feeling sorry for them. 

The thing sat there slightly crying and wiping its tears with the end of its own bushy tail. 


This thing really knows how to guilt trip me. It's even blowing its noises on its tail. That's just sad and gross at the same time. 


I can never do anything thing right. I'm like a a cookie cutter in a butcher shop. I'm just not cute out for this.


O.k so he couldn't tell a joke right.


I wasn't sure what to Say. I decided to stick with what I knew old make me feel better.


I gave him a good pet on the sholder. which wasnt easy as my paws. Where more then half the sizes of his sholde. he actuily looked smaller now. wasnt he bigger when i frist saw him? maybe he just looked bigger when he was up close to my faces. 






Look you shouldn't fell bad , I'm not a dog but in not a ... What did he Say I'm not a pooka either.


He stopped crying..



Yeah iv never even seen a Pooka. ..until today

.its not Pooka it's Pooka. He said. 




No pooka




This went on for a while.

I always was a slow learner. I won't tell you how long because thats just embracing. But to be fair I did just fall off a cliff. I can't stop milking that one. 


After a while he tried spelling it out for me in the dirt , but that didn't do any good.


It's Pooka .. With an r .. 2  .... $... Sigh..


Turns out he couldn't spell.


I gave up trying to Say what he was and started explaining what I was.



I'm a werewolf...




Oh wait do you mean you turn into a hairless totall? 

Uhh I'm not sure.


Wait here he dashed off into the woods. He was gone for a while , not sure how long as I didn't have a watch. And I couldn't see the sun from where I was.  Ill have to admit I thought about just getting up and leaving but I couldn't stand the thought of upsetting the little guy. Attest I think it was. Guy. Besides I was still to week. 


When he came back he was holding a book.

He flipped it open and pointed to a drawing of a woman .


Are you one of these. 

Is that what you call  A hairless too talls.



Well teckinickily  I'm one of these I tried flipping threw the book for a man but all I could find was one of a very little kid. But at lest he was a guy.


We call ourselves human. 


Wow his eyes got real big again , I couldn't decide if that was cute or creepy. 


I've always wanted to meat a human. Or attest see one. Almost as much as I wanted a dog.


But a human that can turn into a dog is cool.

I'm not a dog I'm a wolf.


Can you turn into other things.


No just a wolf. 

Well that's better then me.


This is all I can do .


He maid a lot of grunts and stretches and then.  He started to Chang into .. I'm not even sure . But when he was done he was a raccoon.


A purple raccoon but still.


This is all I can do. He said sadly.

Gee I think that's still neet.

Yeah but I'm supposed to turn into lots of different animals. But all I can turn into is a  masked cat( raccoon) .  And I can't even get the cooler right.


Well I think it's cool.

Your not just saying that.

No really .

So I'm the first pooka you've ever met.

Uh yep.


Did I make a good fist impression.


Uh yeah. Now is not the best time to be hostess.


O.k now it s your turn.

Turn to what.

To turn into a harmless total.


Oh uh o.k I said. I was a little never. Iggy seemed charmless but in the back of my mind I still thought maybe if I turned human he'd try and mall me. Maybe he was even lying about what he could turn into ..


But if he did try this I could always Chang back.


So I stretched out and tried Turing human.


And tried 



And tried.  But nothing happened.


Well something happened. But it wasn't what I want sto happen.



I can't Chang. 

Are you sure.

Yes . I'm stuck in wolf form. It must be because I  fell off that cliff. 


You fell off a cliff? When that happen.


Oh man. Oh man ..


Well it's not that bad being a dog. I'm sure yOur family will understand.. 


That's right. Raven will know what to do.

Who's raven. Is he your dad? 


Well sort of he's more like an uncle. It's compacted. Like my life. 


I just need to get back home and Raven will tell me what to do? 

Ok where do you live ill come with you.


I don't know.

You don't know? 


I mean I know , but nothing here looks femler?  

Well what's the last thing you remember.


Falling off that cliff.


Why you jump off a cliff. Thats dumb.

I didn't jump I fell.

We're you punished.

No .. I was chased.

By what.


I don't remember.

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