chapter eleven

Learning the Truth About Wolves

A week had gone by and I was getting the hang of turning back and forth from wolf to human. But Raven and LB said I still had a lot to learn. Today LB had told me to meet him outside the house in wolf form after breakfast. Red followed me and Lefty followed him. When we got there LB was also in wolf waiting for us.

"As you might have already noticed so fare being half wolf half human is great. You get the fun of being human, with movies, TV, video games, chocolate; deep fried cooking, along with the freedom of being a wild animal, just relaxing. But it isn’t easy balancing the two. Lucky for you, I am going to be your teacher", said LB

"Teacher?" I stammered worried. I wasn’t that good at school. I was passing, but when people find out you can’t do math well when you’re Chinese you’re in for some jokes at your expense".

"Not that kind of teacher" said LB seeing my tension. "I’m teaching you the fun stuff about being part wolf."

"But I already know how to change back and forth. What else is there to know?" I asked.

"There is more to it than you think", exclaimed LB and he winked at me. I couldn’t tell if that was a good sign or a bad sign. "Now first it’s important you know the difference between dogs and wolves."said LB.

They are very similar yet very different animals. There are about 150 different breeds of dogs in American alone and they all used to be wolves thousands of years ago."

Really I said shocked.

"Yes really. You can easily see the traces of wolf in the German Shepard and Alaskan other breeds such as the Siberian Husky. But wolves have bigger feet, longer legs and bigger skulls than most dogs. LB smiled to show his teeth. Wolves’ teeth and jaws are much stronger too. Strong enough to bite through the bones of our prey."

I gulped when he said pray.

"Don’t worry kid we don’t hunt humans only animals." Said LB.

But I love animals , and not because they were something to eat I thought to myself still not looking forward to hunting.

"Our biting ability is about 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch, where as a human has only 300 pounds of pressure. This mean wolfs can bite through parking meters if they so wanted to. We are also smarter then dogs," he said while standing up and trying to look smart but he slipped and fell. I couldn’t help but laugh along with Red.

"You didn’t see that", LB grunted getting up.

"now to start of your wolf training today’s lesson is all about body language". LB said to me "A wolf uses all parts of it’s’ body to give information especially their head and eyes, teeth, lips, and ears. They even use their eyebrows."

"What about the tail," I asked.

"The tail has a language all its own.

Watch me." As he said this he showed his teeth and started growling. "This means I’m angry". That’s one’s a little obvious. "Then I put my ears back like this, it means I’m scared or startled. Now this means I’m really scared" he tucked his tail between his legs and put his ears back while his eyes got wider and he tried looking as innocent as possible.

"What does this mean?" said Red as he scratched his butt.

"You never learned good manners; a real wolf wouldn’t be able to reach back there." LB said with disgust.

"How about dancing like this? What does that mean?" asked Red jumping up and started to dance.

"A real wolf wouldn’t do that" said LB.

"Or this?" Added Red, He then tried to do a flip but stopped halfway and failed. "How was that?" asked Red.

"Uh...just super Red", said LB in a low giggle.

Now this is the move for submission. You crouch down, stick your tail between your legs which makes your eyes look smaller, and draw back your lips while flattening your ears."

"How can you run with your tail between your legs? ‘, I asked.

"It’s just something you do atomically like closing your eyes when you sneeze. According to Red It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. But Red also says dust bunnies are alive and evil, so I don’t know how much his word is worth." LB commented.

"Next thing were learning is how a wolfs noses is very sensitive. Every wolf and every human has it own unique scent. In wolf form you can use your noise to learn a lot about people without even having to meet them faces to faces. such as if they are male or female. If they were runners , because runners tinder to sweat a lot , what sports they liked, if it was tennis they’d smell like a court, they were simmers they’d smell like chlorine. That may not seem imported but it comes in handy. For example a rich guy will smell of it lane latter , but little gun powered will show he lacks expenses.

I had noticed in wolf form how smells I didn’t notices in human form were around. But it made me think of another question I wanted to ask.

"Why do dog sniff each other?" I said curses. I wasn’t sure if wolfs did the same thing but I still wanted to know.

"Oh well sniffing another dog butt gives a lot of dog information. It is their form of identification like showing a drivers license, and it is their way of shaking hands.

Do wolfs do that to.

LB smiled a friendly wolf smile, sure he said want to try it?" waving his rear in front of me.

"Ewe sorry I asked." I said

Chapter Fifteen –

Raven Stories

I woke up from my nap to see Dumbo asleep on my head. She was all curled up, which was strange because I always thought birds slept standing up, or maybe that was cows? She looked very content so I didn’t disturb her.

"She really loves you", said Raven.

His voice startled me; I hadn’t been able to see him with Dumbo on my head.

"Why?" I asked. "What makes me so special?"

Dumbo shifted a little so her tail feathers weren’t in my face.

Now I could see Raven smile, a sneaky smile, a smile that said he knew more than he was telling me. It was just like someone who knew what I was getting for Christmas but wasn’t going to tell me.

"Animals are just like that; they’ll love one person and hate another. It’s not just wolves and dogs that can tell when you’re up to no good. They can sense good people from the bad."

I understood what he meant. It reminded me of the dogs at the SPCA. They had always liked me; I guess it was because they knew I was half animal. On the other hand they had always growled whenever Nun Moe came in, and they could always tell when she was talking about them. She was always saying they were smelly, dirty, and flea infested. One time a dog bit a piece of her skirt off and her underwear was showing and she didn’t notice. I mean she did notice the dog bit her in the butt, that was hard to miss, but she never looked back to see the pieces of skirt hanging from the dog’s mouth as she just stormed away. I tried to tell her but she kept interrupting me, saying she didn’t want any backtalk. I couldn’t go over and fix her skirt because I was afraid she would get the wrong idea. I didn’t want her to think I was a pervert along with being strange. I later heard she walked around like that all day before she noticed.

Raven then went on to tell me that ravens (the birds) have been know to follow wolves around because ravens (the birds) are scavengers and they eat what the wolf doesn’t eat. Wolves also use the raven to help them see ahead if there is food.

"How can they do that?" I asked.

"They’ll follow to where the raven is flying," he said as he stroked Dumbo’s back.

"Birds are also somewhat similar to wolves as they pick a mate and they stay together for life."

"Really?" I asked.

"Well. The raven does, maybe not all the birds, but our people look up to ravens."

"Uh. Why?" I asked confused why they pick a bird that looked like a crow to look up to.

"Well…" said Raven clearing his throat and I could tell a story was coming.

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