chapter 21

Yet Some More Learning with LB

"Ok, let’s talk about wolf status. Said LB picking a pieces of squirrel out of his teeth. A wolf pack is one big extended family. We all live and work together as a unit. We are social creatures and there is a social order. The top dog or wolf is the alpha wolf, usually one male and one female in that role. They are usually the biggest, strongest, and smartest of the wolves. This Alpha wolf decides where the pack will eat and hunt and who eats first. That’s Raven I guess,"

LB snorted in a resentful tone then continued. "The second wolf in command is the Beta wolf. This wolf’s job is to teach the other younger wolves things."

"Is that your job?" I asked.

"I guess," said LB in a more positive tone. I realized he wasn’t resentful that he wasn’t the Alpha; he just didn’t think it should be Raven.

"The lowest one in the pack is the Omega wolf. LB continued sounding like himself without any resentment. Maybe he was still just mad at Raven for telling me his real name was Robin. I hadn’t called him Robin once since then just to play it safe.

"No one wants to be the Omega wolf because all the others wolves pick on them, and they have to eat last."

I gulped, "And you’re telling me this because I’m the Omega?" I asked.

LB suddenly looked up at me surprised then burst out laughing.

"Relax kid we wouldn’t do that to you. We have ranks but we would never go that far. your more of a unranked wolf. Besides if anyone an Omega its Red.

Anyway the only way to get out of being an Omega is to have another wolf take your place, so you can move up. You see a wolf’s rank doesn’t go down, you can only move up. It’s not like a job where you can just resign."

"Then what happens the Alpha if he is no longer able to do his job and another wolf takes their places?" I asked.

"They get exiled from the pack. That’s how we got Lefty. We think he used to be top wolf of his own pack but he was knocked down; Red found him and they’ve been friends ever since."

"Why do you call him Lefty?" I asked while we were on the subject.

"That was Red’s idea. Lefty must have been in a big fight before he was exiled. When we found him his left leg was injured and he limped. It eventually healed, but the name Lefty just stuck."

"Wolves can survive on their own. That’s where we get the term lone wolf. Some lone wolves just distance themselves from the pack when things get too crowded and come back later while others go off on their own permanently. You don’t need to be in a pack to catch most prey. You need a pack for larger prey like moose or caribou, but for smaller prey such as mice or rabbits one wolf can take them down and then they don’t have to share. Farmers really hate those kinds of wolves the most. They’re harder to spot them. Lone wolves cause the most trouble."

"Wouldn’t it be lonely as a lone wolf?" I asked. LB looked more serious now.

"Yeah, but sometimes a wolf just drops out of the pack because of injuries, bad health or the loss of a mate. Or… (he paused) sometimes they just can’t get along with others members of the pack. They were born to be loners."

LB looked sadder and less serious now after he said that. There was a very awkward silence.

"Did ...someone in this pack drop out?" I asked.

"That’s enough for today lesson. Unless you want to learn how road kill tastes today?" said LB.

"Noooooo, I’m good for today," I said turning into my human form and leaving before he changed his mind.



When I walked into my room Red jumped me in his wolf form.

"Where have you been? I was so worried!" he exclaimed.

"I wasn’t gone that long," I said.

"Could you move your paws? They’re digging into my chest."

"Well it felt long to me. Hey want to chase our tails?" said Red.

"Uh, not right now Red, I have had a long day of sniffing stuff, I mean learning stuff. I need a rest."

Red was already spinning around in a circle as I got up. He was big on spinning. He could do that for hours on end till he’d get so dizzy he’d fall over. Red was definitely an interesting character, mainly because as Raven explained he had some autistic traits. Except whereas most autistic people don’t like to be touched, Red loved to hug people.

"He really likes you because you are more patient with him than some of us, and you’re closest to his age." said Raven.

"Really? But he is seems so much older than me," I said quickly.

"Not to him, he is still a kid mentally and he knows that and accepts it. He feels bad sometimes when people make fun of him, like the butcher. Not everyone understands," said Raven.

I could relate to that. I knew exactly how that felt after being with Nun Moe.

"Some people in town would talk about Red right behind his back where he could easily hear them. Some people think just because you’re different they can’t understand they’re being insulted. Whenever we went into town the butcher always looked annoyed to see Red. We got most of our meat from hunting, but when you get meat that way it usually doesn’t make it to the skillet. When we were in the mood for some burgers or bacon the butcher was the place to go."

"Don’t touch anything", the butcher would growl when we came in as if he was a wolf.

"Red went over to a puzzle in the corner and fixed the pieces that were in the wrong places.

"Put it back!" growled the butcher. Now he really sounded like a wolf

"But he fixed it," I tried to explain.

"Put it back!" he repeated through clenched teeth. He looked scarier than any werewolf or wild animal right now. Red fixed it and went to sit in the car. I glared at the butcher. I wanted to say something back, but he was a scary guy. So I decided LB and I would just take his biggest rack of meat, and pee on it tonight during one of our raids.






"These flowers are beautiful sir", said the guy at the flower shop while straightening the boutique that I had just bought.

They were beautiful, but I’m sure he said that to everyone. He was probably required to say it similar to the teens at "Burger King" when they ask if you want fries with that.

"Are these for a special girl?’ He asked while stating "That will be ten fifty."

I pulled out my wrinkled crumpled up dollar bills. I had enough for the flowers and an extra couple of bills for beer. The florist looked turned off when he saw felt how worn the bills were, but he took them anyway.

I wanted to say; "You try keeping your money clean when you are in wolf form half the time. Especially since I found most of this money on the ground, or stole it from hunters."

Of course I couldn’t say that to him.

"Sort of someone special", I mumbled.

"Do you want anything special to put on the card?" he asked.

I thought for a minute then decided what the hell.

"Yeah, sure. Write to the girl with the blue eyes."





I had that dream again. It is the same dream where I am in the field of flowers. The field that used to be so claming and relaxing to me now only brought fear and heart ache.

" No please, God no, don’t do this to me." I say when I see the blood, so much blood. I look for my son everywhere but only find more blood and tattered clothes.

"Looking for someone?’ Said the coldest voice that I have ever heard. I turn and there she is, she is holding a bloody shirt that once belonged to my son.

"How could you?’ I growl uncontrollably.

I’m shaking, but not with fear, with anger. Pure anger and hate I have never felt before in my life.

"He was your own flesh and blood", I say.

She laughs and I hate her even more.

" Flesh and blood are my favorite parts." she says

Full of rage I bolt at her sinking my claws into her shoulder. She lets out a scream of more surprise then pain.

"Why?" I ask." Why did you do this?" I ask although I know there is no answers that will make my rage subside.

" Because I could", she growled while sinking her claws into my snout and tearing into it.

The pain is blinding but it just makes me angrier.

" I’m not going to hold back just because you are a women", I say while digging my claws into her arms.

"Good", she says.

She doesn’t seem to mind the pain, its almost as if she enjoys it. I fling her off me and she goes sailing into a tree causing it to fall over. I rip off a branch and find a sharp pieces I will use it to impale her with it. I aim for her heart but she ducks at the last second as if she is timing my movements and I catch her eye instead.

She lets out a shriek of rage. She’s not having fun now.

"You bastard. How are we supposed to fight if I am blind," she yells. I look at her right eye. It is blood red, but she probably won’t lose it. She probably will still be able to even see out of it, as she always seems to heal quickly.

Yet I wasn’t going to let her do that today. My nose is just hanging from my face similar to a hangnail, but I don’t care. We fight into the night until we are both too exhausted to fight any longer. She seems to know if she doesn’t treat her wounds I’ll kill her. I don’t care if I die as long as she dies. We’ve been fighting for so long I don’t even feel any pain anymore.

"I’ve had enough fun with you today", she coos while pining me under a tree.

She leaves me to die, turning her back to me. She looks like she wants to finish me off but instead decides to leave me, knowing she has to get away or she’ll die from her wounds.

"Say hi to your son for me", she coos.

"I’ll see you in hell", I reply

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