chapter 18

The Beast’s Bloody Teeth

Wolf Fact A wolf has about 42 teeth. All of them are very sharp.

The Beast

After my failed attempt at getting information from the security guard, I went to the store to buy some beer. While I was there, I noticed a small boy who must have been about two or three looking at me. I smiled revealing my blood soaked teeth. When he saw them he turned pale and ran over to his mother’s leg and held onto it like a dog in heat. I walked out before he started screaming or tell her what he saw, not that it would matter if he did as adults never believed kids. Kids were the easiest to scare. If they tried to tell their parents the adults would either think the kids had been watching too much TV or had a morbid imagination. Then when the kids grew up they would convince themselves it was all in their head. It was amazing what people would do to avoid the truth. I don’t usually go to the grocery store. After all I get all my food from hunting, but I couldn’t get beer in the woods unless I happened to maul a hunter who was carrying it in his cooler. But that was a lot of work to get a few beers, and there hadn’t been any hunters around in a while. I ran my tongue over my blood soaked teeth thinking about the security guard. He’d been tasty despite his size. Usually people that big were all fat and no meat. When I got back to my new house, it had already started to rain again. This would be a good time to bury what was left of security guard and the old owner. I piled the bones I’d cleaned last night in a bag. They smelled meaty and delicious, but I couldn’t take the chance a human would smell them and become supsioues. Then id have to go look for another places to stay. Rainy days were the best to bury bones because they covered up most of the smell for humans. Humans were very easy annoyed by the naturel smells of death but they couldn’t smell as easy as a werewolf could. This guy had been my favorite kind of victim, a loner, which no one would come looking for. So I’d could stay until the cable went out. I brought my bones to a nice old cave that I had found awhile ago. It was big enough to hide all my bones. I prefer to keep my bones outside rather then inside anyway. They just tasted better when they’d been in the dirt. I dumped them in the hole I had dug. I’d stay here in the cave tonight if it weren’t for the TV back at the house; Jerry Springer reruns were on tonight. I looked down in the hole, and smiled. Someday the little omega bones would be in that hole too, I told myself grabbing a large thighbone and sinking my teeth in it. Delicious.

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