chapter 12

"Before the bird known as the raven came to the world it was a dark and cold place. When our people came they were weak because they had no fresh water to drink and no sun light."

"How could they even survive without fresh water?" I asked.

"Uh… I’m getting to that Raven", said clearing his throat again and continued.

"Anyway the raven, (the bird not me), felt bad for our people so he went looking for light. Finally he found some in the sky chief’s house, but the chief’s did not want to share it with anyone but his family. So the raven turned himself into a pine needle and fell in a bowl of food that the sky chief’s daughter was eating and she swallowed him. Once he was in her stomach he turned into a baby. The sky chief and the rest of the family loved the baby and the raven used this to his advantage."

"Didn’t they wonder how she got pregnant?" I had to ask.

"I’m sure she was pretty confused too", Raven laughed.

"Maybe she played the field. If you know what I mean, fiddling around first base, third base etc.?" LB said jokingly from outside the room.

"What does baseball have to do with this?" Red said walking into the room with a puzzled look.

"Never mind", Raven replied.

He continued, "So anyway whatever the raven baby asked for he got. Finally one day they presented him with the sun and the moment the raven saw it he turned back to his old self. He then carries the sun outside where everyone can enjoy it. To this day Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest will thank and feed the raven for giving them the sun."

"But how did they get water?" I asked.

"That’s another story I’ll tell you later. Right now LB wants to show you some wolf moves".

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